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iWork for iCloud vs. Office 365 vs. Google Docs: Which Cloud Productivity Suite Wins?

2. Cleaner Interface

As with Apple, these are very much desktop apps ported to the web and not nearly as powerful as their offline counter parts. Again, documents can be easily shared with others online, whether to edit collaboratively or just to view, though the whole sharing, collaborating, and commenting process is more finicky than it is with the online apps from either Google or Apple. Files can be quickly opened in the desktop equivalents, as you would expect, and an area where Microsoft does have the edge is with the inline help system that can quickly tell you how to do something if you get stuck.

In terms of the interface, the online versions of these Office programs are all taking their cues from the desktop programs—the ribbon menu is here, albeit with fewer options than you get on the applications for Windows and macOS. Features or simplicity. All the key stuff you need to do with a serious spreadsheet, like manipulating rows and columns, or filtering data, or building up formulas, is made much easier in Excel Online than it is in Google Sheets or Numbers for iCloud.

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Become a productivity powerhouse. About the author David Nield. Also, there are no native tools for Windows so PC users are able to use the web versions at www.

Microsoft Office Professional 2016

User Reviews: The plan offers full access to desktop versions of all Office apps. Compare with OnlyOffice. Google's Web apps can be accessed on mobile devices in two ways. Available Devices. I currently have an Office subscription, but I recently changed to iWork and to me there is no better feeling than using iWork apps with the ubiquity of iCloud. These are also good choices if you want to support open-source software.

This is also the only online storage option for iOS users, although if you prefer, you can at least opt out of it altogether and work locally on the iPad or iPhone and never sync through a server at all. This allows Mac users to roll back a document, spreadsheet or presentation to its previous state if something goes awry in the editing process on an iPad, iPhone or browser. Advantages over Office Also, you only need to pay for what you use.

Due to the lack of an iPad-optimised version of Office, you should consider spending the money on the Apple apps anyway.

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A Midsize Business plan is also available. Google's productivity suite is free in the truest sense. There are no apps to buy and no subscription options to consider. Users who own both the desktop and mobile versions of any iWork app can transition seamlessly between the two, thanks to iCloud.

Let the battle for productivity on the iPad begin

can pick from Apple's own iWork productivity suite or from Microsoft's Office solution. And the Office subscription gives you multiple licenses, so you can. And you may wonder, is Microsoft Office really the best solution? iWork comes with every qualifying Mac purchased after October for.

If you want to take iWork for iCloud on the go, stick to the iPhone or iPad -- with one notable exception. Because Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablets run on full desktop versions of Windows 8, users can access iCloud via either device's desktop browser.

Office 2016 vs 2011 vs Pages 5.3.2

A free mobile version of Microsoft Office is available for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as all Windows Phone devices, though you will still have to purchase a subscription to take advantage of Office cloud connectivity. Non-subscribers can still use the apps to view and edit documents that were downloaded or transferred manually to their phone or tablet. Owners of one of Microsoft's Surface tablets can also take advantage of Office Microsoft has yet to unveil a version of Office for iPad, but rumors suggest it could be coming soon.

Google's Web apps can be accessed on mobile devices in two ways.

First, you can view and edit Google Docs files on any Web-connected phone or tablet in your mobile Web browser. Within the app, you can access your files and create a new document or spreadsheet, though the functionality of these mobile apps is very limited.

1. It’s Free

Office , Google Docs and iWork for iCloud offer much of the same functionality, but each has a unique set of strengths and limitations. Picking a software package for your business comes down to your budget, hardware compatibility and personal preference. A one-month free trial of Office is available from Microsoft, and Google Docs remains as free and open as the day it launched.

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But unless you already own a previous version of iWork, you'll have to purchase the apps outright to try the new iWork for iCloud. After getting infected with the publishing bug at Wireless World and Cellular Business magazines, Anna Attkisson went on to dabble in all sorts of publications covering everything from children's fashion to financial planning, cars and travel. She then spent 10 years, writing and editing for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide.