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A man who hates gigs reviews Fleetwood Mac at the O2

During "I'm So Afraid," Buckingham was literally leaping up and down during his solo. It seems that rather than dreading having to play this song again, he relishes each and every opportunity to trot it out. Nicks similarly gave impassioned renditions of songs like "Gypsy" and "Gold Dust Woman. Even telling the same story to introduce "Gypsy" night after night, she still seems to find something new in it that drives her.

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Meanwhile, McVie's return has reopened a whole other world for the band. No longer must they skip over the hits she sang.

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That meant we were treated to songs like "You Make Loving Fun" and "Little Lies," massive tracks that Fleetwood Mac had been unfortunately lacking for so long. It was a triumphant return to those songs for them, as they not only are recapturing the public eye, they are recapturing themselves. For the first time in many years, Voltron is whole again.

Being the consummate professionals they are as well as brilliantly talented musicians , they put on a show that is almost impossible to find fault with. That they ended on a downer ballad like "Songbird" instead of the rollicking "Don't Stop" is a minor quibble. The only fault I could find is in the fact that the Mac played this exact same show, right down to the stories between the songs, in Houston back in December.

For fans who paid to see both, it might be frustrating to see a repeat so soon after the last one. In this case, however, it might be more a matter of "so nice, you had to say it twice.

Fleetwood Mac review – back together, and just about perfect

If nothing else, this tour is proof once again that Fleetwood Mac have crafted enough quality music to last them a lifetime. Yet they are still restless. They are still moving forward; still creating; still forging new chapters.

That the book never ends for them is remarkable even to themselves, something they commented on throughout the show. While that is something that is nothing but a joy for us to witness, perhaps the greatest joy to be found in their show is the love. After all the years, all the breakups, all the divorces, and all the bitter spats played out in their music and the media, Fleetwood Mac are finally whole again and filled with love.

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Now that Christine is back playing again with ex-husband bassist John McVie there are three former couples on stage, if you take into account that drummer Mick Fleetwood romanced singer Nicks behind the back of Buckingham. Inundated with the band since I was a small child, but only relatively recently gave thought to how wonderful the group is as songwriters and musicians. Kids film. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. West End. Pop and rock reviews. Modern art.

It was evident in the performance and in the glances and touches exchanged between the members of the band. With McVie back in the fold, they are once again the unstoppable force, united for a common goal.

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And for maybe the first time, they're enjoying themselves doing it. It's a joy and a love that spread to all of us in the audience, and that's the true pleasure of seeing this band perform. Personal Bias: Inundated with the band since I was a small child, but only relatively recently gave thought to how wonderful the group is as songwriters and musicians.

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The Crowd: Was that a hint? Maybe he just meant the tour, the indelible energy that Buckingham and his bandmates are able to conjure up night after night for a new group of people each time. I believed her. It is brave, hard work to bare it like that. The chance to see Thom Yorke, Mitski, or J.

Cole this fall should help you deal with the end of summer. Concert Reviews. Live Review: Share this: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit.

Review: Fleetwood Mac hold nothing back in Dublin performance

Fleetwood Mac, photo by Amanda Koellner. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Tuesday 19 February Fleetwood Mac, O2 Arena, review: Fleetwood Mac. Kevin Mazur Fleetwood Mac make much of their history of "ups and downs" as Buckingham puts it.

Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks Rex The soap opera has always lent a certain depth and texture to Fleetwood Mac but, frankly, a little less chatter and a little more playing would be my only suggestion. Read more on rock and pop music. More from The Telegraph. More from the web. Books In Pictures - the story of love and romance: Film 50 great quotes about acting.