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I tried this previously and I saw the 2 inputs, and was able to put my personal names on them, but now I can't see them at all. I see input on the internal line input when I select that in the preferences menu, but beyond that I'm really not sure what is going on. Any help would be appreciate, because carrying two computers is getting painful.

This work around, albeit not awesome, is great to have, but I just need to get it sorted out soon.

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FireStudio Project Sierra,; macOS El Capitan,; Mac OS X .5 Yosemite,; Mac OS X Mavericks,; Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Universal Control. No Universal Control downloads available for macOS Mojave. View System Requirements for FireStudio.

Please let me know if you have experienced any of these errors, and if so what I can do to get it working. Thanks Jamie! Hey Brad, Check your mini-jack connections. The internal sound card on my mac book pro is amazingly sensitive if the mini jack are connected proberly.

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There is an "auto" switch between headphone out and internal speaker out, as well as switch between internal microfon and line in. That switching thing is driving me nut's at times, if you launch smaart as the connection change unplug it fails.

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Apple released Snow Leopard It apparently fixes whatever Notably the USBPre is now working with Just to confirm what Adam has posted, I received an email today from Sound Devices also confirming the same thing: Good morning! We are pleased to announce that the most recent Mac update to I hope this helps all of you resolve your compatibility issues, but if you have any issue getting the USBPre to recognize after the update and a reboot, please contact me to let me know so we can get you up and running.

Thanks for your patience! I recently went back to using Smaart 7. I cannot hear the problem coming out of the USBPre and it happens when no signal is being put into the pre, and when the inputs are physically unplugged from the USBPre. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I tried different sampling rates, and no matter how it is set I have the same problem. It also does not track with the input gain on the USBPre. I have tried different USB cables, and tried to get it to do it by knocking the pre around a little bit, but to no avail.

Apogee Announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion Compatibility

I also played with the USB connector a little on both ends but the timing is mostly random. Also once I hit the play button the trace is stuck on the screen, and I cannot get rid of it without hitting the play button again. I'm not convinced that it isn't an issue with my computer it's a 9 month old Macbook Pro , but I wanted to check here first to see if anyone else has seen this problem.

Please let me know if you know of anything I can do to fix this problem.

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Hi Brad - I too have experience the exact same problem since I had contacted both John at Rational and Stephen Fichter at Sound Devices, but didn't get resolution from either -- although I got the impression from John that is a Sound Devices driver issue. I had sent video of the phenomenon to both of them -- I need to spend time this week pursuing this with Stephen to see if they can come up with something.

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USBpre on mac i7 os I bought a brand new mac book pro a couple months ago 2Ghz intel i7 and it never has been able to recognize my USBpre v1. The first screen you'll most likely encounter after install of UC is this one, indicating that Apple's heightened security restrictions have blocked our Kernel Extension i.

This product has been discontinued.

Click "Open Security Preferences". Notice how the default is the blue OK button, if you click this, nothing will be installed.

FireStudio 2626 - Why won't my FireStudio 2626 work on Windows 8, OSX 10.7 or OSX 10.8?

I am having problems with compatability with my brand new Presonus Firestudio recording interface and Logic pro 8. True Volt Phantom PowerEven When Powered By Your Laptop Here's a dirty little secret: bus-powered mobile interfaces from other manufacturers deliver much less than the full 48 volts of phantom power that is specified by microphone manufacturers. Check out the pictures and message me with any questions. For Mac OS X With this update, StudioLive You get all

At the bottom of the Security and Privacy Menu there will be an exception for the last application the system blocked from installing, click "Allow". In my example I had already selected Allow so my picture is empty.

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Once you've allowed the exception, you'll need to check some boxes to allow the Kernel Extensions ie Drivers for your devices to be allowed into the OS. Even though these don't say PreSonus, they are elements of the UC series package that you'll need to check in order to allow High Sierra to add the to the system. Measured round trip latency goes down to 6. With the buffer set to samples at the same operation mode, the latency raises to These are good values.

There's no latency drift - it's stable no matter what. Drivers are reliable and their low latency performance is very good. Safety buffers can be adjusted through the Universal Control.

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Low Latency is obviously the lowest setting that guarantees minimal round trip latency. The latency is higher by 2 samples 0.